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A satisfying and accomplished journey – the company is proud to have achieved its first of many milestones – honorably serving the industry for over10 years. A memorable passage that required exceptional management and leadership – preempting industry dynamics, effective risk management, cost control, diversification, innovation and creativity. A thought processes – key to navigating the company through some of the most trying times in global economics. A decade later; the company is proud to be on a solid foundation and earned its identity – as a trusted and reliable support partner with some of the largest names within respective industry segments.

Who We Are

Planet Blue is a well-established integrated engineering company,serving the marine, offshore, industrial & oil & gas industries globally. The company has served as a multifunctional platform – providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet clients’ complex engineering, design and operational needs. A combination of experience, know-how, and customer focus has served as the building blocks for the company to maintain quality, consistency and deliver optimum results.

What We Do

For over a decade, the company has been managing complex engineering projects and building strong relationships within a dynamic market environment. This experience and due-diligence, has enabled the company to define its areas of expertise while maintaining the flexibility to respond to its clients’ ever–changing business objectives. Managed and supported by a team of experienced, qualified and dedicated industry professionals who are trained to meet with day-to-day challenges functioning 24×7.